ITEX Advantage

Sell products and services to new customers!

Sell your products and services to a growing network of ITEX Members who need what YOU offer. This is a great way to open new markets, build new relationships, and grow your business.

Buy products and services with ITEX dollars!

Instead of buying things you need and want with cash, make purchases with ITEX dollars - earned by selling your products and services, excess inventory or capacity to other ITEX Members.

Trade Directors help you buy and sell!

We are not just an online marketplace. We have a network of professionals to help you maximize the value of your ITEX Membership, acting like a sales force promoting your products and services, and purchasing agents to conserve your cash.

ITEX Online provides a variety of resources

- Online marketplace with thousands of buying opportunities 24/7
- Access to our private membership directory to market your products and services
- Account information, anywhere and anytime, using our easy-to-use web site

Mix business and pleasure!

You're not limited to using ITEX dollars just for your business. Improve your quality of life - from restaurants, resorts, jewelry, clothing, trips, dentistry, medical services, and much more.